About Lumitter

Lumitter™ is a red light therapy company that is revolutionising the way people feel and look.

We are Australia's fastest-growing red light treatment company, and we specialise in selling FDA approved red light therapy devices. Lumitter™ devices can help you prevent aging, elevate your mood, and strengthen your immune system.

Our powerful devices are changing people's lives worldwide and we're just getting started.


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Thousands of Happy Customers

I'm loving my desktop Lumitter, or should I say we are loving it - as in my hubby nicks it when I'm not looking too! I'm looking forward to purchasing more from you!

Lena Losada

Thanks very much for such an amazing product! I can already see some results on my skin!

Diletta V

I am finding this wand very strong and highly effective. It surely works in the physical body - but I am also finding it is very powerful in the energetic body as well. I will receive excellent use out of this purchase.

Libby Gordon

This device has been integrated really well into my post-game football recovery routine. Would definitely recommend for those seeking non-invasive recovery.

Jackson Roe

I bought this red light therapy device a few months ago and have been using it every morning on my face while I meditate. I have rosacea and it helps calm my skin. The device feels like it's made well, sturdy, and stands up well. I have it sitting in my office on a shelf and it actually looks pretty cool (like an industrial-style light).

Cristal H

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