Lumitter™ Full Body Infrared Light Therapy Mat - The Best In Australia
Lumitter™ Full Body Infrared Light Therapy Mat - The Best In Australia
Lumitter™ Full Body Infrared Light Therapy Mat - The Best In Australia
Lumitter™ Full Body Infrared Light Therapy Mat - The Best In Australia
Lumitter™ Full Body Infrared Light Therapy Mat - The Best In Australia
Lumitter™ Full Body Infrared Light Therapy Mat - The Best In Australia

Lumitter™ Red Light Therapy Body Mat - Large

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Unparalleled Pain Relief and Recovery

Discover the power of advanced healing with the Red Light Therapy Large Body Mat, designed to provide extensive relief from body aches and enhance overall well-being. Utilizing a combination of 660nm and 850nm wavelengths, this state-of-the-art red light therapy mat taps into the power of red light to penetrate deep into your tissues, promoting cellular repair and natural pain relief.

Advanced LED Technology for Maximum Benefits

The Red Light Therapy Large Body Mat comes with high-performance LED chips, ensuring optimal light density and coverage for effective therapy sessions. With a meticulously selected ratio of 660nm to 850nm wavelengths, our therapy mat delivers the perfect balance of red and near-infrared light for superior therapeutic benefits.

Spacious and User-Friendly Design

Crafted with a lightweight, fabric material, our Red Light Therapy Large Body Mat measures 1600 x 600mm, providing generous coverage for various body areas. Ideal for at-home use or on-the-go therapy sessions, it offers a comfortable and potent pain relief experience. For added convenience, our therapy mat is compatible with a 100-240V AC input voltage.

Tailored Therapy and Easy-to-Use Controls

Our Red Light Therapy Large Body Mat offers a flicker-free experience with an adjustable 10Hz frequency option, allowing you to personalize your therapy according to your specific needs. With a light density of 120mW/cm2 at 0 inches and a power of 100W, our therapy mat delivers potent, targeted relief without causing harm or discomfort. The built-in timer enables customizable therapy durations, ranging from 5 to 30 minutes.


Attribute Value
LED Count
1260 LED chips
Dimensions 91 x 30 x 6.5 cm
Weight 1 kg/pc
Rated Power 100W
Wavelengths 660 nm, 850 nm
99 mW/cm2 @ 0 inch
Energy Delivered/Area 60 Joules/cm2
Pulse Function No-flicker, 10Hz
10 mins, Max 30 mins
Dimming Not applicable
Flicker Test No Flicker
EMF Test 0.0 @ 5 cm

How To Use

You'll be all set to start reaping the benefits of LED light therapy in no time with your new Lumitter™ Therapy Light. It comes complete with everything you need, including mounting hardware. To get started, simply unpack your light, plug it in, and position it at the desired treatment area on your bare skin.

As a general guideline, we recommend 10-15 minutes per day, per session, at a distance of 8"-14" for deep tissue therapy or 18”-24” for superficial facial skin therapy. You can treat up to 2-3 areas at a time. The amount of time you spend with the light will depend on your individual tolerance; some people react better to more light while others need less. The best approach is to start with less time and work your way up as you get used to the light.


    This device comes with a 2-year factory warranty and a risk-free 30-day trial period to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


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    Revolutionary Red Light Therapy for Pain & Inflammation Relief

    Harness the Power of Science-Backed Lumitter Red Light Therapy Devices for Optimal Pain and Inflammation Management

    lumitter red light device tabletop

    Targeted Pain Relief

    Lumitter's red light therapy devices are designed to target and alleviate deep-seated aches and pains, promoting effective and long-lasting relief.

    Accelerated Healing

    Experience faster healing and recovery with Lumitter’s advanced technology, which enhances tissue repair and regeneration.

    Effective Inflammation Reduction

    Our red light therapy stimulates cellular repair processes, significantly reducing inflammation and promoting a healthier recovery.

    Muscle Relaxation & Recovery

    Increase blood flow and oxygenation to sore muscles with Lumitter's red light therapy, facilitating quicker recovery and reduced muscle stiffness.