DIY Red Light Therapy Panel - Set It Up At Home - Lumitter™
DIY Red Light Therapy Panel - Set It Up At Home - Lumitter™
DIY Red Light Therapy Panel - Set It Up At Home - Lumitter™

Lumitter™ Targeted Red Light Therapy Panel


Color: Black

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The Future of Red Light Therapy

Looking to soothe your aching muscles or reduce inflammation? Perhaps you’re hoping to improve your skin tone and texture. Or, like many of our customers, you might be seeking an all-natural way to boost your energy levels and mood. If any of these describe you, we have good news: The Lumitter™ Targeted Red Light Therapy Panel can help. This device delivers more focused, targeted light therapy to the specific areas you need it most. Lumitter™ is an affordable, portable, and convenient way to help reduce pain and inflammation from everyday life. A single 15-minute treatment can provide relief for the day.

Here’s Why You’ll Love This

✓ Therapeutic Power: The Lumitter™ Targeted is the only panel designed specifically for deep tissue red light therapy. It has a variety of settings that work to stimulate collagen production and enhance the healing process. It is perfect for treating aching joints, tight muscles, sore muscles, stress, sprains, aches and pains, and injuries.

✓ Proprietary Skin Treatment Technology: The Lumitter™ Targeted has been developed to maximize the effects of red light therapy. Its proprietary skin treatment technology works to accelerate skin cell turnover, boost circulation and encourage healthy cell growth, resulting in a visibly healthier and more youthful appearance.

✓ Professional Use: The Lumitter™ Targeted has a slim profile that is ideal for travel and use during exercise. With 120 medical-grade LEDs arranged in a unique diagonal design, you can enjoy a more powerful therapy session.

✓ Fights Infection: The Lumitter™ Targeted Red Light Therapy Panel is effective at reducing bacteria that cause acne and other infections, including Staphylococcus and Propionibacterium.

✓ Reduces Acne and Scarring: The Lumitter™ Targeted Red Light Therapy Panel produces intense, red light that reduces the appearance of scars and acne, while providing targeted and even coverage.

✓ Increases Skin Firmness: The targeted red light therapy treatment helps improve skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

✓ Improves Cell Functioning: Red light therapy stimulates cellular activity, resulting in increased collagen and elastin production. Lumitter™ is the perfect addition to your home at-home red light therapy treatment routine


LED Count 120 x 3 Watt LED's
Dimensions 54 x 21 x 6.5 cms
Weight 7 kgs
Rated Power 360 Watts
Wavelengths 660, 670, 830, 850 nm
Irradiance >212mW/cm2
Energy Delivered Per Area 60 Joules/cm2
Pulse function No-flicker, 10Hz, 40Hz, 100Hz, 1000Hz
Timer 10mins, Max 30mins
Dimming From 1-100%
Flicker Test No Flicker
EMF Test 0.0 @ 5cms

How To Use

You'll be all set to start reaping the benefits of LED light therapy in no time with your new Lumitter™ Therapy Light. It comes complete with everything you need, including mounting hardware. To get started, simply unpack your light, plug it in, and position it at the desired treatment area on your bare skin.

As a general guideline, we recommend 10-15 minutes per day, per session, at a distance of 8"-14" for deep tissue therapy or 18”-24” for superficial facial skin therapy. You can treat up to 2-3 areas at a time. The amount of time you spend with the light will depend on your individual tolerance; some people react better to more light while others need less. The best approach is to start with less time and work your way up as you get used to the light.


    This device comes with a 3-year factory warranty and a risk-free 30-day trial period to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

    Advanced Multi-Wavelength Spectrum

    Supercharge your cells with Lumitter’s advanced multi-wavelength technology. Our devices feature the five most bioactive wavelengths—630nm, 660nm, 810nm, 830nm, and 850nm—to target the most beneficial parts of the light spectrum for optimal cell activation.

    By precisely blending these wavelengths, Lumitter ensures deeper penetration and maximizes therapeutic benefits across both red and near-infrared light spectrums. This advanced light spectrum technology delivers energy more effectively to your cells, promoting enhanced recovery, rejuvenation, and overall wellness.

    Experience the power of Lumitter’s multi-wavelength technology, designed to provide you with the most comprehensive and effective red light therapy available.

    Unmatched Treatment Power

    Experience unparalleled treatment intensity with Lumitter’s high-performance technology. Our devices feature an array of 300 cutting-edge 5-watt dual-chip LEDs, harnessing the immense power of 630nm and 660nm red wavelengths, along with 810nm, 830nm, and 850nm near-infrared wavelengths.

    This powerful combination results in some of the highest irradiance levels available on the market, ensuring exceptionally effective performance. At a distance of just 15 cm (6 inches), our device delivers an impressive 167mw/cm² (measured using a solar meter) and maintains an average of 89 mw/cm² at the same distance when verified with a light spectrometer.

    Lumitter’s advanced technology ensures you receive maximum therapeutic benefits, making your red light therapy sessions more effective and efficient. Experience the difference with Lumitter’s superior red light therapy solutions.

    Dynamic Pulsing Technology

    Unlock the full potential of red light therapy with Lumitter’s dynamic pulsing technology. Studies have shown that pulsing light enhances cellular activity, opens ion channels, and resonates with cells more effectively than continuous wave light.

    Our devices feature a versatile PowerPanel that allows you to switch between continuous wave and adjustable pulsing frequencies, ranging from 1 to 10,000Hz. This flexibility ensures you can fine-tune your therapy to meet your specific health needs and preferences.

    Experience the benefits of Lumitter’s pulsing feature, designed to broaden the device’s versatility and accommodate a wider spectrum of user preferences, making your red light therapy sessions more effective and personalized.

    Intuitive Touch Screen Interface

    Discover the ease and precision of Lumitter’s intuitive touch screen interface. Our advanced control panel puts all the power of red light therapy at your fingertips, allowing you to seamlessly navigate through various functions and settings.

    Effortlessly customize your therapy sessions with user-friendly touch controls. Adjust the LED light output to your preferred intensity, select pulsing modes, and set session durations with the fully programmable built-in timer. The responsive touch screen interface ensures that all your favourite features and presets are just a tap away.

    With Lumitter, personalizing your red light therapy experience has never been easier. Save your custom settings for seamless continuity and enjoy a therapy session that is perfectly tailored to your needs every time.

    Customisable Session Timing

    Say goodbye to the hassle of external timers and guesswork with Lumitter’s built-in session timer. Our advanced running screen features a countdown display, providing real-time updates on your session’s remaining time, pulse rate, and brightness levels.

    Conveniently set the timer in one-minute increments, allowing you to customize your therapy duration to suit your personal preferences. This feature ensures a precise and tailored red light therapy experience every time.

    Precision Brightness Control

    Move beyond the limitations of a one-size-fits-all approach with Lumitter’s precision brightness control. Our devices enable you to adjust the light intensity to perfectly match your preferences and needs.

    This versatile feature allows you to personalize brightness levels from a gentle 1% glow to a vibrant 100% shine. Whether you’re unwinding for a peaceful night’s sleep or energizing after a long day, Lumitter’s adaptable panels empower you to discover your ideal lighting intensity.

    Advanced Remote Control

    Take full control of your red light therapy sessions with Lumitter’s advanced remote control. This powerful feature allows you to effortlessly manage all the functions of your red light therapy device from a distance, providing you with complete access to its extensive capabilities.

    Designed for convenience, the remote control enables seamless connection and control of multiple Lumitter panels with a single remote, making your therapy sessions more efficient and user-friendly.